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Apr 2, 2015

Dirty bunny Easter pudding cups.

If you are looking for cute and fun snacks for Easter this is one that you might like.

I made this one last year and my son loved it besides is a cute decoration for your party table. Even if you are not throwing a party it could be a great snack that your kids can help you make.

To make this sweet snack you will need:

-Pudding snacks (I used chocolate)
-Oreo cookies, smashed
-Peep bunnies
-Egg shaped chocolates
-Green frosting (to make grass)
-Goldfish cookies or anything that looks like a carrot, lol

1. Open the pudding package and add the cracked Oreos.
2. Take one or 2 of the peep bunnies and place them on top of the crushed cookies you can use some of the frosting to glue the bunny to the Oreos.
3. Add some decorations using the egg shaped chocolates and the goldfish cookies, it would help if you add some of the green frosting to the cookies to make them look like carrots.

And that's pretty much it. Now you can add a cute printable around it, ribbon or just serve them like that.

If you need more detailed instruction just check out this video, I also have it in Spanish if you are interested.



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