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Apr 2, 2015

Easter peep kebabs.


I used peep kebabs last year on my sons Easter basket they are a great filler and you can always play around with the candy to put on them.

Besides the time that takes you to make them is relatively short and they are something kids like... Just remember to cut out the pointy end of the stick of use something more kid friendly.

Another  thing I like about them is that they are cheap to make, and for this one you are going to need:

-Kebab sticks
-Clear bags to cover the kebabs
-Ribbon as decoration but a tie could be used too

*You can try to add more candy alternating them until you get the result you want.

This is how you do it:
1. Grab one of the kebab sticks and run it under water of just use a damp cloth, this will help the marshmallows slide better down the stick.

2. Take one the peeps and pike it down with stick and slide it down so you can have room for more.

3. Place the rest of the peeps or any other candy you have and cover with a clear bag. Now just tie it with the ribbon and you are done.

And you can use them as basket fillers.

It's simple and delicious and you can customize them your own way. I hope you like them and if you need to see more here is the video.



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