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Apr 16, 2015

Minecraft Easter Basket Ideas

Easter baskets are a new things for me, I never received one as a kid. So when I moved to this country and has my son I wanted to start that tradition with him. Keep reading to find out how I made this basket.

At first I was not sure about doing that because is not common in my house to do that, but is nice to do something different and create a tradition for your little ones.

So his first year I did everything last minute I think I put together his Easter basket the day before, it was a small and simple basket but it was cute and he seemed to enjoy it. The second year I put a little more effort on the basket, for more items and tried to make it all fun and cute.

As well as the second year the third one I tried something better and with more toys this time, because to be honest what 3 year old needs that much sugar.

For the 4 year I planned something themed and let me tell you something about that, it is so hard because the I picked Minecraft and so far I've learned one thing about it... There's nothing out there that you can buy at the store.

This is a problem and at the same time a great opportunity, because that gives me the chance to get creative and come up with some ideas for it, and I think it came up good at least my son liked it.

All the things I used  bought them at the store. I tried to make it as close as Minecraft as possible so I got chocolates, Twizzlers and Enderman and a whatever else I could transform to make it look like the game.

At first I was a little intimidated by the fact I had to come up with the things from scratch, but after I started I loved it and made a video showing you all the things I made. Check below so you can have an idea.



And I wanted to make more things but I had a budget, so I might try more things in a future because  think this theme is awesome.

Here I leave you the images I used for the little bags, just right click and save.

 Hope you like this post and thanks for reading.


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