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Apr 15, 2015

Owl Plush Toy/ Rattle Tutorial for Babies

I never thought that making a baby toy/ rattle could be so easy until I had to try it for this project I made for a friend.Updated: 07/05/20015

And I wish I would have known before. I could have made my sons mobile and so many things more.

They are cute, you don't need many items, even a small piece of fabric will be helpful... Yay I collect all my fabric scraps lol.

For this project you are going to need:

-2 or more fabrics, the colors of your choice
-White felt, two squares about 2 or 3 inches
-1 inch square of orange felt
-Heat and bond paper made for sewing
-Poly fill
-Matching thread or not... Be wild...
-Bells or any noisy thing you can find

This is what the heat and bond looks like.

How to make this:

1. Take the heat and bond paper and trace the patter of the owl there (remember that when you trace in this kind of paper you need to invert the image, but in this case is not necessary). 

2. Now take your iron and place it on top of the fabric you chose for the owl and start ironing until the fabric they are glued together, let it cool on the side.  Start cutting the eyes, nose and the rest of the fabric.

3. Peel of the paper from the fabric and place it on top of the second choice, in my case I had to do a double layer because the material was a little translucent and it would have looked cheap. Now add the eyes and nose on top and start sewing around them to make sure they won't come off.

4. Place the front and the back of the fabric backwards to start making the pocket and sew all around the owl figure leaving a small opening to add the poly fill and the rattle. Don't forget to add the tab which will help you hang the toy, I used ribbon for this. Turn the owl inside out, so now the right side is showing.

5. Make a small pocket with a square fabric (around 4") where you are going to add the bells,  would recommend making it double that way is more secure and make sure to do 3 or more different sewing lines just to make sure it won't rip and let the bells get out.

6. Place the small rattle bag inside the owl and add the poly fill  until the desired fluffiness is achieved. Close the bottom with a tight stitch and you are pretty much done.

Check the videos below for more detailed instructions, thanks for reading my blog.



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