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Aug 5, 2015

Inside Out Hair Bow Tutorial /Collab Tutorial with Sandy's Style

This is one of my favorite hair bows, not just because is easy to make but also for the combination of colors and playfulness. Besides is inspired on the movie Inside Out.

I made this tutorial because I was part of a collaboration video with one of my dear friends from YouTube, Sandra (CLICK HERE TO CHECK HER CHANNEL)

For this hair bow I will be using a french barrette but you can easily change it for a clip or simply add it to a headband.

Above you can find the measurements for the ribbon as well as the materials that I used. Some, like the thread are not necessary but I always like to sew and glue my hair bows to make sure they last longer.

 I decided to work with 5 colors but you can add more or less combine them differently, I wanted to follow the colors that I used for the bottle cap image.

Here is the tutorial for this hair bow



So this was the tutorial for the bow don't forget to check Sandra's tutorial :)


  1. That is such a cool awesome inside out bow I can't wait to make it for my girls when I get ribbon in right colors

  2. Thank you for sharing, I'll show it to my wife that she would do such a hairstyle of our princess. I hope that it will succeed. We recently visited this place We made a beautiful hair and makeup, then went to a photo session of our little daughter. She was very happy :) I advise all fathers, pamper their children in similar ways. Good luck.