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Oct 21, 2015

Jake and the Never land Pirates Costume

Halloween is near and I love it! and now that I have my son the idea of making him costumes really excites me because I think it's nice for them to have the memories of mommy making their costumes.
Keep reading to find out how I made the costume.

Last year he wanted to be Jake from the never land pirates and I thought it was going to be a little complicated but actually was easier than Buzz Light year.

To be honest making your own costumes is inexpensive and they can rock a original costume, regardless of being inspired on their favorite characters is not something they will find at any store and for me that is awesome.

For this costume I used materials I had home for the most part, I used felt and cotton fabric and also just regular jeans, shoes and a shirt.

For the whole outfit I used the following materials or supplies:
-Red and black fabric
-Felt (red, navy blue, yellow and brown)
-Yellow buttons
-Yellow ribbon
-Black ribbon (mouse tail if you can find it) 
-Markers or paint (brown and black
-Hot glue gun and glue sticks
-Cardboard box or something similar
-White shirt
-Dark blue jeans
-Tennis shoes

For the outfit:
I'm going to start with the vest, I took one of my son's sweaters and traced the chest area in a piece of felt but I made the bottom a little longer. this process gave me 3 pieces which I sewn together to create the vest. Then I took some of that fabric and I cut 2 triangles  and fixed them on top of the vest.
The nest step was applying the edge to the vest with was the yellow ribbon and position the 4 yellow buttons on the side of the vest. I have the video if you would like to get a more visual explanation of the whole process.

I made some alterations to the shirt, I cut a small triangle on the neck that way it looks like an opening and I poked some holes to insert the ribbon. I also cut some pieces on the sleeves to create this pirate looking shirt. 

I also made him a belt with the black fabric, all I did was measure his waist and  cut a piece of fabric about 10 inches so I could fold it and make it look more realistic.



The boots were a bit of a challenge because I never thought of actually being able to make them I was just going to send him on his regular shoes and not take whole body pictures hahaha.
But I set my mind on making them and it took me a while and kinda work on the pattern and measure and come back and adjust but at the end it was all worth it because I love the way they look with the whole outfit.
To get them I started measuring pieces of felt on my son's with the shoes on, and it came down to this per boot:
-1 long rectangle 
-2 smaller rectangles for the straps
-1 piece of yellow felt pictured below
-2 pieces of each pictured below to the right

The image below can be used as a pattern in a way you just need to adjust the measurements depending on your kids shoes.

I don't have exact measurements for the boots since the shoe size varies with your kids I measured with the felt on my sons shoes and foot. The image below will only serve as a reference on the cuts I made.

Once you start making them the whole thing becomes so easy, you pretty much are making a cover for the shoes and the thing is sew them all together and add the closing on the back. Below you can find the detailed instructions on ow to make the boots.



And this is that they look like all done :)

Now the last part of this costume was the sword, like c'mon how can he be a pirate without one. So I took a piece of cardboard and drew the outline of a sword looking thing, I actually googled something that looked like Jake's and I came up with this one.
Below are the materials I used for this sword, you probably already have them all. I forgot to mention that I'm using markers because my son helped me make this and it was a great way to make this together.

If you would like to see how I made this check out the video below.



Here is a closer view to the sword and the belt.

I hope you find this post helpful and if you do share it on Pinterest or Facebook that would be awesome for others to check it out.

Thanks for reading my blog.


  1. Estoy demasiado de interesada en hacer este victuario para mi Montecito de 2 años. Tengo problema sin in patron al frente mio. No se hacerlo asi como usted. Pues le quedo fantastico muy bonito. Yo compro el patron si me refiere a donde puedo encontrarlo. Gracias y quedo muy agradecida. I love your work you are awesome. God bless

  2. Perdon Joana quise decir para mi nietecito no se de donde salio esa palabra we "Montecito" lol. Sorry 😟

  3. Perdon Joana quise decir para mi nietecito no se de donde salio esa palabra we "Montecito" lol. Sorry 😟

  4. It has been months since he left his Phoenix pre-k and my son is still asking to go to school, and telling stories of things that he's done with his kindergarten teacher. He constantly asks to see her.

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