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Dec 1, 2015

Homework Chart, School Aid for Kindergarten with printables

When my son started school he had a hard time with homework and other activities after school. And is understandable he was tired of doing all those chores in school and works but I found a way  to motivate him to keep working hard.

 I decided to make this sticker chart for him to help motivate him, he is proud of his work and I knew this was the best choice for us.

So  I picked some colored papers, crayons, glue and scissors I had at home and decided to sit down and plan this. There was a couple of points I wanted to focus for this: writing his name, practice his ABC's, numbers and book reading.

And I find it amazing how this little trick made a huge improvement on my son regarding his homework as well as in school. I was told by his speech therapist and the teacher that they see how much he has improved since he started school.

 That's why I wanted to shared this with you in case you are having any issues with your kids working with you after school, and I am not saying that this will work for you but is worth the try.
So far we already finished one board and the look on his face when he finished was awesome, his reward was a date to Chuck E. Cheese.

 Which helped when we were working on the November's board, he was anxious to start doing his homework to be able to get his stickers and get another reward.
Is in them the control on how fast they want it but at the same time the practice and work daily will help them learn and improve what they need. That's why I focused on just 5 things to achieve during this semester.

 Another thing I will suggest is to get them involved, my son enjoyed helping me create his November's board it was a nice experience and besides we had a chance to practice as well.

Below you can watch the video of my son and me working on his board and a few printables that can help you plan yours with your kids. I will be updating those every month as I work with my son.



Here is my son with his board finished :)

Thank you for reading my blog.

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