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Mar 15, 2016

St. Patricks Day Hair Bow Tutorial

St. Patricks day is coming and I'm pretty sure you are looking for a cute "green" thing to add to your daughters outfit, so I wanna share this hair bow with you as an option.

I've had this ribbon for a while and for some reason I never got to make a bow out of it, and since I moved to another place I found it and decided to make a good use out of it.

For the rest I used a combination of green ribbons that I had most of them where leftover of other bows I had which help me used the little ones I had, no waste here :)

Up here you can see the size of each ribbon I used, you can place with the shades of green you are using maybe a little bit of orange will look nice as well.

For this bow I made a big bow with double ribbon (overlapped ribbon), double overlapped ribbon loops, spikes and the korker ribbon.

Check out how I made this with the videos below.
Tambien esta en Español.



Hope you find this helpful, thank you for reading my blog.


  1. Loved this St. Patrick’s Day Hair Bow tutorial. Thanks for sharing these details here. At one of local garden venues we attended a grand St. Patrick’s Day event last year. Decorations in the event were superb.

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