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Jun 29, 2016

Spicy Cucumbers filled with Peanuts, Great Weekend Football

Summer it's pretty much here and that means gatherings, celebrations and more. So it's always nice to have a quick snack to throw when you have visitors or just for yourself when you want to have a "healthier" snack in the afternoon. 

To make this you are going to need: 
-Japanese peanuts 
-Chaca chaca 
-Powder chile 
-Tomato juice (Clamato) 
-Salt and pepper (optional) 

This is what chaca chaca looks like

  1. Start by cleaning the cucumbers, you can leave some of the peel to make it look more appealing and proceed to cut it in half with a diagonal cut. 
  2. Remove the seeds with a knife or a spoon, you can leave some at the bottom and use it as a little shot "glass". 
  3. Scratch the cucumber by dipping the edge on salsa or chamoy and sprinkle with some of the powdered chile and place on a plate. 
  4. Once you have a few start filling them with the peanuts and chaca chacas, you can also cut some cucumbers and throw them in there to add more filling. 
  5. Add chamoy, salsa and some of the powdered chile as well as the Clamato and some lemon. 
  6. You are pretty much done. You can turn this snack into a more grown up version by serving it tequila shots. 

Hope you enjoyed this recipe and if you need a more detailed version of this check out my video below. 



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