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Aug 4, 2016

Spring Rolls filled with teriyaki pork and vegetables

You know when you cook everyday for you family how fast you run out of their favorite meals and kind of get bored of the same things? Well that happens in my house and from time to time I like to introduce to them new meals to change it up a bit.

This time I introduced to them spring rolls and they turned so good most likely they would become part of the rotation.

Besides being a colorful and full of flavor meal it can make enough to satisfy everybody and the price is affordable which is always a plus.

-Rice rolls
-1 stalk of celery
-1/4 of onion
-6 green onions 3 for the mix and 3 for garnishing
-Pork or chicken
-Teriyaki sauce
-1 cup of rice
-2 o 3 carrots juliana sliced and semi- cooked
-Salt and pepper

1. Start by cutting the meat in a diagonal cut to get it as thin as possible. Throw it in a hot pan with 1 tablespoons of oil and let it cook until there are no more red spots.

2. Cut the rest of the vegetables as desired, I opted for thinly sliced and for the carrots I decided to cut them in julianas. I place a pan with hot water in the stove and added the carrots for about 5 minutes with some salt and pepper.

3. Add the celery, onion and green onions to the meat, stir and allow to cook for a couple of minutes. Then add the teriyaki sauce and let it reduce for a couple of minutes. While you are waiting for this you can make a side sauce, I decided to make sweet and sour sauce with a hint of spicy. (I will post the recipe soon)

4. Remove the meat from the heat and place in a bowl it will be time to start making the rolls.

5. Use a flat cooking tray or something deep enough to add some water. The water needs to be warm/ hot so the rice sheets become easier to work. Take one sheet of rice and place under the water for 15 to 20 seconds until it gets easier to roll.

6. Place in a flat plate and add rice, cabbage, carrots, pork, green onions and cilantro. Start rolling them from the bottom, sides and roll the whole thing trying to have everything inside of it.

And this is the final result not just colorful but packed with delicious flavors.

Below you can find the video recipe if you need more detail directions on how to make this.



Hope you liked the recipe, thank you for checking my blog.

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