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Sep 2, 2016

Baby blanket tutorial

I've been so busy sewing through my whole pregnancy because I would like to be ready when the baby arrives and since I stopped working early on, sewing for me it is a good way to be save some money and make something cute for my little one.

I didn't imagine how hard it is to find the right fabrics, I looked for over a month and I couldn't find the ones I wanted. But I finally did I was looking for a soft and baby oriented fabric that I could customize with my son's name and image.

-1 yard of printed fabric
-1 yard of any soft fabric of your choice
-Scraps of cotton fabric to use for the design
-Matching thread to do the embroidery
-4 pieces of ribbon 1 1/2 long
-Bond lite which will help to bond the fabrics together
-Pattern (use the same one I used, get it below)

1. Trace the pattern on the paper side of the bond paper. Place the shiny side of it on the back of the fabric and iron it so they can fuse together. Use slow circular movements for 30 seconds to a minute, set aside and allow it to cool down. Do the same with the rest of the pattern.

2. Once the fabrics have cooled down cut around and place them on the fabric with the print on them. I decided to place the design on the corner of the blanket but you can choose other location for it like the center. Fix the pattern and iron it.

3. With a pencil trace lightly the features of the lion it will go away when you sew it and wash it afterwards. Heat seal the ribbon  and place it under the pattern, hold them with a pin.

4. Using a zig-zag stitch start sewing all around the patter and lettering if you are using any, use the color thread accordingly. Finish the whole embroidery and hand sew the features for the eyes and nose.

5. Place the fabric right side facing each other hold with pins and sew all around with a straight stitch and again using a zig-zag to prevent fraying. Leave an opening of about 7 inches to be able to turn the fabric.

6. Turn the fabric, hold the opening with pins and finish it sewing around the fabric with a straight stitch. You are done!

This is what it looks like, now you have a warm and cute blanket for your little ones as well.

Here is the video on how I made mine.



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