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Oct 10, 2016

Dollar Store Halloween Witch Wreath

Last year my budget for halloween decorations was really low, so I decided to go to the local dollar store and come up with something to hang around the house and make it look nice for my little one he gets so excited with the holidays and so do I hahaha.

The total amount I spent on this wreath was around $7 dollars and not just because I put it together I think it turned out good.

Some of the items I used might not be available at Dollar Tree anymore but you can find something similar.

You are going to need:
-Creepy cloth
-Wreath foam circle
-Wire ribbon in 2 different colors
-Package of spiders
-Wood banner or any main object you want to be the center of this wreath
-Hot glue
-Mesh or tule in black

And this is how I made mine.



The ribbon that I cut were 18 inches/ 45 cm but you can adjust the size depending on how big you want the bow on your wreath.

I cut 4-5 pieces of ribbon per color and the bow turned out good, if you want it fluffier just add more.

When you are all done remember to fluff the bow, it will help it look bigger and nicer. All you have to do is give it a nice shape opening it up.

Hope you find this tutorial helpful and thank you for reading my blog, happy holidays :)

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