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Oct 10, 2016

Holiday Countdown pop up surprises for kids, Kids crafts

My son is ready for the holidays , well actually he is been ready for a couple of months for now. It was the middle of March and he was already asking when it was going to be Halloween, Christmas his birthday and since we are closing on Halloween I decided to help him visualize how many days he has left for the big day lol.

So far he is loving it so I will be making a similar thing for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I will make a small change instead of candy I will use little toys or change here and there since he loves saving money for his toys.

For this project I used materials I had a home at least must of them and it worked to spend some creative time with my little one. He loves our little creative projects and I am happy to see how much he likes to play and create new things. So this is not only a cute decoration you can have at home it is also a way to awake their creativity.

-Paper rolls (cut them according to the size of the fillers you are using)
-Pumpkin pattern, check below to download it
-Fillers (candy, money, toys, etc)
-Paint (green and orange)
-Tissue paper (green and orange)

The pattern should be printed in two pages to have a more accurate size for the paper rolls, resize if needed.

it was a little messy while painting them but my son loved to do this craft and now that he is been popping the rolls, well he likes it even more. Now I have to start planning one for thanksgiving and Christmas.

You don't need to use candy, you can find little toys to fill them in. Maybe coins even coupons for older kids. Below you can find the tutorial for this craft.



Hope you liked this little craft and thanks for reading my blog!

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