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Dec 3, 2016

DIY: Charmander Costume, Pokemon

I didn't think I was going to be able to finish my son's costume this year, I was about to pop and sewing wasn't as fun at the end of my pregnancy. But I'm so glad I did because he was happy to have his Charmander costume all ready.

Este año no pense que fuera capaz de terminar el desfraz de mi hijo, ya que estaba apunto de dar a luz y aparte no era tan divertido sentarme a coser las ultimas semanas del embarazo. Pero me alegra haberlo hecho por que el estaba muy feliz de usar su disfraz de Charmander. 

I had it planned I was just going to go to the Halloween store and get the costume from them, the price was $25- $30 for him but I just wasn't completely happy about the contents and the quality of it. So I decided to stop by Joann's instead and use one of their handy coupons, at the end I payed just $15 for the whole thing and I made the costume the way I wanted it.

Ya lo tenia planeado iba a ir a la tienda de Halloween y comprar el disfraz ahi, el precio era de alrededor $25 - $30 dolares nada mas que no estaba completamente feliz con los contenidos y la calidad de el disfraz.
Por eso decidi parar en Joann's mejor y usar uno de los cupones que siempre ayudan bastante, al final pague $15 dolares por un disfraz que tiene todo lo que yo queria.

This is what I used:
-Fleece fabric (orange and yellow)
-Cotton fabric, mostly scraps I had already (turquoise, white and black)
-Felt (red and yellow)
-Snaps (orange and yellow)
-Thread, matching colors
Cardboard or something to trace the pattern

Esto es lo que use:
-Tela polar (naranja y amarillo)
Tela de algodon, utilice pedazos de tela que tenia a la mano (turquesa, blanco y negro)
-Fieltro (rojo y amarillo)
-Botones (naranja y amarillo)
Hilo, colores coordinados 
-Cartulina o algo para marcar el patron

Drawing the pattern it's simple, just take clothes that fit your kid properly and trace them on your paper on whatever you are using. Check the video below to get the idea on how to get your patterns.

Dibujar el patron es facil, solo toma ropa que le quede bien a  tus pequeños y marcalo en la cartulina o lo que estes usando para marcarlo. Mira el video en la parte de abajo para tener una imagen mas detallada de como sacar los patrones.

This is how it turned out, he was happy and wanted to wear it all the time.
Asi es como quedo, estaba feliz y queria usarlo todo el tiempo.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you it was helpful to you and don't forget to follow me here and subscribe to my channel for more tutorials.

Gracias por leer mi blog, espero que les sirva y no se les olvide seguirme aqui y suscribirse a mi canal para ver mas tutoriales.


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