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Jun 24, 2017

4th of July Hair Bow, Flag Inspired

I decided to make this 4th of July hair bow inspired on the American flag just to switch it up a little bit, I've been making hair bows for quite some time now and I just love the idea of sit down with all the ribbons and come up with new ideas to share.

And this bow turned out quite popular it sold right away. This would look great with a nice white dress for a photoshoot or just to celebrate the 4th of July having a barbecue in the backyard with the family.

I went with red, white and blue for this bow and I found this stars ribbon at Walmart that had star all over the only thing that I didn't like it was that they only had the 3/8 ribbon. But that didn't stopped me, I mean if you can find it make it.

I grabbed a 1 1/2 in ribbon and glued the stars ribbon on top to resemblance the start in the flag, I also used this method to make the stripes. The plan was to just have a simple bow made out, but I decided to go with the full hair bow with spikes and all. Check out the video below for the directions so you can make your own.



I bought my ribbons at Walmart and Michael's, one great tip to get good deals on ribbon is going the day after the holiday to get them discounted. I usually just save them for next year like I did with the ribbon with the stars.

Thank you for checking my tutorials, hope you found this post helpful. Don't forget to check the other 4th of July inspired tutorials.

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