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Sep 26, 2017

Photo Album, School Memories for your kids

When my son started school I wanted to be able to record every moment of his learning carrier as much I was able to.But with the past of the years I noticed that I had all the photos and videos in my cellphone and I wasn't really doing anything with them. But that changed when my phone broke and lost some of the memories I had stored.

Keep reading for the whole tutorial.

I took paper, ribbons and some photos and got to crafting. I didn't really have a pattern I just kind of went with the flow and starting drawing around, which I think it turned out neat. Another idea I had was to go with an apple shape but just the pencil seemed a better option for this.

You can use any paper or supplies you have around obviously every year it might change depending on what you have around. I used these polka dot scrapbooking paper I found at walmart for $5, photographs of my son's year in school, matching ribbons, scissors, lighter (to seal the ribbon), glue and rings for the pages.

Below you can find the patterns I drew for you, just click them and save them to your computer.

Now just print, cut and put the pieces together. I started this as a gift for my son for his school year but I decided to do this every year to show to him on his high school graduation his journey through school.

Check out how I made this.



Hope you found this post helpful, share yours with me.

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