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Sep 26, 2017

Witch hats hair clips

Halloween is almost here and just the whole season inspires me to start my seasonal crafts and create bows and diapers related to fall, halloween and Christmas.

That's how I came up with these cute little hair clips and I love them they are so cute and perfect to wear every day just mix and matching with different outfits. They can be made in different colors to match your girl's outfit.

Keep reading for the full tutorial.

These tutorial is for small hair clips (2.5") but you can double the sizes to make it bigger and wear it in a ponytail or as part of your costume.

I used materials that I had at home and some of them were pieces I had left from other bows and crafts, but the items shown are pretty inexpensive and you can get a couple made out of them. I also used a piece or card stock paper in black but I didn't get a picture of that.

I used the black ribbon (picture above) to form a cone which would be the top of the hat, cut the excess and heat seal it to prevent fraying.
Trace a 2.5" circle on the card stock paper and cut it. Using that same circle cut 2 pieces of the black felt and glue them on each side of the paper.
Cut the tule to the same size of the felt circle, I did this by folding the tule holding it in the middle with thread and then cutting the folds.
Glue the tule in the center of the felt circle and also the cone (I filled mine with some felt to make it sturdier)
Now cover the bottom half with the orange ribbon and place a simple bow on top with a crystal to cover the thread. Add the clip or barrette  and you are done.

Here is the video tutorial if you would like to watch the step by step to make them.



Thank you for watching and don't forge to check my other seasonal crafts.


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