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Nov 14, 2017

Max & Emma Gift Boutique Review

Bringing your newborn baby home can be an amazing experience and as expecting mothers we prepare for it in advance. Last year around this time I was doing this nesting, trying to get everything ready to receive my son and one of the main things I was looking for was to have something beautiful and soft. If you are at that stage right now this will be perfect for you.

One of the things I like about this beautiful gift is how it is delivered to your mail box, ready to be unwrapped. Let's say you are sending this as a gift for your daughter, sister or any expecting mother you can purchase from the websit> send it to their house and when they open it she will see a beautiful packaging of great material guarding the perfect gift inside.

Once you open it another surprise, 4 milestone cards that will help you save those beautiful first memories of your little one. Now you get to the receiving blanket and you are welcomed with the most beautiful and soft fabric to be in contact with your baby.

The materials used to make this blanket are soft and warm perfect to take your little one out of the hospital. Legs are free to move around to allow your baby to stretch while staying warm and comfortable. It adjusts to grow with your baby (fits up to 4 months) with two baby safe velcro closings. I like to mention that the velcro won't make your baby uncomfortable if it gets in contact with your baby skin.

It is shaped to avoid any complications, which is wonderful for those sleepless night and days where all your energy has been depleted, just wrap & go! Comes in pink, blue and neutral pattern which is the one pictured above.

The best part of all is the price, affordable and convenient for the perfect gift. I will giving away the one they sent me if you would like to get a chance to enter check out my video below, but if you can't wait and would like to buy yours now go to Max & Emma



Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you found this helpful.


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