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Dec 18, 2017

Tutorial: Carseat Cover, Step by Step Sewing DIY

Bringing your baby home after the hospital can be nerve-wracking, after all there is a new little human coming home and as moms we try to make everything perfect and cozy for the newest addition.

That was me when I was about to deliver baby Link, I knew he was going to be born in October and usually around that time the weather changes and it starts getting colder. That's what inspired me to make this cover. -Keep reading for the tutorial-

So a couple days before delivery I went to the store and started looking for cute print fabrics and it wasn't easy. I was looking for something very specific but I was running out of time. I wanted a soft, warm and adorable print and I couldn't find the one that caught my eye until I saw this one.

I did buy a little extra because I was going to make a liner for the inside of this carseat (tutorial for that should be coming soon).

In total I got:
-1 1/4 yards of both blue and printed fabric.
-Matching ribbon
-Snaps (velcro should do just fine)
-Polar fleece (or felt just to stabilize the straps)

I started by cutting both fabrics the same length, I made sure to measure my carseat to ensure that I had the right amount of fabric (check your carseat to have the right fit). Cut 6 pieces of ribbon long enough to secure the carseat handles, and cut the polar fleece the same size as the ribbon you used.

Place one piece of ribbon, fleece and the other ribbon and sew around the edges to create a strip which will hold the cover in place with the carseat, save for later.

Measure your fabric and make a cut in half, this will be the opening to ensure your baby is good and get some air.

Sew around the edges of both fabrics with a zig zag stitch, this will help when you are adding the ribbon. Carefully add the ribbon along the edge and secure it with pins or sew over it to create a nice finishing touch.

Measure the handle for your carseat and now measure the cover to find the spots where the straps are going to be placed. I used secure pins to mark the areas. Sew the straps a couple of times to make sure they won't come off.

Place the snaps or velcro and adjust to the width of the carseat handles. You can customize it with ribbons, toys and more.

Check the video tutorial to follow step by step how to make this cover, thank you for reading my blog!




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