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Jan 19, 2018

Valentine's Day Kids Crafts, Hats and Decor

My oldest son is OBSESSED with doing crafts around the house, I guess he gets it from me. So when any holidays comes around he is the first one to try to get us to make any "project" to decorate the house. And even though sometimes we have too much paper on our walls, fridge and his bedroom floor, I just love to watch him work his creativity and let him express himself the way he feels more comfortable.

We had materials left from another craft we worked on, most of the we got them at Target for a dollar ( I love their "dollar" section), you can use whatever you have around your house even crayons and let their imagination go wild.

First thing we had to do was cut the paper, fold yours in half and the cut along the line. measure the strips of paper on your children head and glue or staple the ends to create the hats. We have a lot of pipe cleaners to we used them to make spirals and use them as the "ears" my son even used them as hair.

There is no right or wrong with this project because the whole idea is for your kiddos  to have fun and play around with the materials to create the hats however they want them.

Here is the video of my kiddos working on this project.


The next craft started just as hearts character but they ended up on my counter as decoration, you can call it a garland and tho be honest I love it makes me smile every time I see it.

The coolest thing is that we used the same materials, so no wasting or spending extra in more supplies. This was a random craft We had no idea what it was going to come out  with this. But I figure you can't never go wrong with wiggly eyes.

So we took those $1 target hearts and started gluing and making different characters with different facial features, which is great if you have little ones and you are teaching them about their face like we are with our baby.

Here is how we made this one:


I hope this post is helpful to keep your little ones entertained for a couple of hours and to make a couple of decorations for your home as well.

Thank you for reading my blog.


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